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Official Ferromanic Homepage. All rights reserved. © by Ferromanic 2021

Vocals : Achim Hopf

Hi Guys,


I’m Achim, singer of the band Ferromanic. Guess, I’ll just tell you a bit about my musical influences, as for favorite pieces of equipment, i do own a microphone.

I joined my first Metal band at age 17 without any musical education or even choir experience.


I’m still grateful those dudes let a loud, passionate Metal maniac torture their ears while I tried to figure out how to use my vocal cords halfway decently.


My first path-breaking encounters with Rock Music had been records of seventies heroes like KISS, Queen, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. But what really made me tell myself: ‘Boy, you MUST make it to become singer in a Metal band’, was the outbreak of the NWOBHM.

Now that you know my musical roots I admit I'm still addicted to the combination of riff-orientated guitars and melodic vocals.


Over the last decades I played with several Hard Rock and Heavy-Metal Bands recording a number of demo tapes as well as back-up vocals on acquainted Bands ' studio productions. I’m still meet regularly my mates of the Heavy Rock band ‘Stallion’ playing songs from the last two CD's we recorded. Now, after having the opportunity to contribute some creative input to Oliver’s wonderful compositions, my main goal is adding a powerful live performance to Ferromanic’s "Silent Journey" and "Precession" studio albums.


Enjoy, looking forward to meeting you in concert and having some noisy fun together! Achim

Guitars : Oliver May

I made the first step on my musical journey by joining the local music elementary school in Düsseldorf, Germany when I was ten. After I got used to several classical beginner instruments, I decided to quit this “carreer” because it seemed to be one of the most boring things around.

Last statement of my music teachers: “Oliver has a certain talent…but actually shows no interest”.


By 16 I stumbled across guitar. Being a left-handed guitarist I had to switch the strings on a regular guitar upside down because it was hard to get well working lefthanded instruments at that time. Influenced and amazed by the Metal Rush in the early 80’s and bands like Kiss,Trust and Van Halen I decided to make my own thing and coninue as a self-trained autodidact never taking any musical lessons anymore. Inspirations came from a broad musical spectrum that led me to jazz and flamenco and of course; metal guitar playing.


I attended university to study industrial-design and architecture. Working as a freelance designer and architect pays the bills. In addition some of my works were honoured with international design awards.


Right now I’m working in the studio as a guitarist/composer on several projects with different styles and expressions and enjoy playing with  Ferromanic. Hope to see you soon "live on stage"...OM


Guitars | Equipment:

Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Lefty
Paul Reed Smith RG Lefty
ESP Strat Lefty Custom Shop Düsseldorf / Tokyo
ESP Mirage Lefty Custom Shop Düsseldorf / Tokyo
ESP Starshape Lefty Custom Shop Düsseldorf / Tokyo
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Lefty
Ibanez Artist Lefty

Musicman Sterling Ray34 Bass Lefty
Slapper Bass Headless Lefty

ENGL Savage 120
Steavens Amps
Fender Eighty Five

Bass : Marcel Ulbricht

So maybe a few words from me either.


When I decided to learn an instrument at the age of 14 I loved the powerful sound of the low frequencies, so the decision was made quite fast. It had to be an electric bass.


Over the years I've played in several bands, getting to know some good friends, hitting the stage and -way more frequently- hitting the drummer. As I'm a big fan of 80's heavy metal my style of playing is mainly influenced by the bands of that era.


By joining Ferromanic I've met some great musicians that I really enjoy playing with. Now I'm looking forward to having a good time with the band.


Last but not least a little show-off section:

Instruments of torture, currently in use, are -

Dean and Ibanez basses,

Kustom, Trace Elliot and Laney amps,

Ashdown and Hughes & Kettner cabinets.

Drums : This could be you...

...if you have fun, skills and nerves to play this kind of music just contact us.

Please be aware that there will be no money to earn or lots of gigs to's neither cover nor top 40 music.

Steavens Custom Amplification

Pearl Drums Europe

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