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FERROMANIC Band | Info 2017

FERROMANIC is a Heavy Metal Band mainly rooted in Heavy, Power- and Speed Metal with some slightly progressive influences. Combining melodic vocal hooklines and ambitious guitarwork is the basis for riff-orientated songwriting. The Lyrics are inspired by Science Fiction | Fantasy themes and chasms of interpersonal relationships.


The band’s story begins in 2011, shortly after guitarist Oliver May resigned from the german Speed Metal band WARRANT. With lots of ideas floating around in his head he focused on

new compositions and recorded an instrumental  CD containing the music of the oncoming PRECESSION album.


In October 2011 Oliver contacted an intimately acquainted musician. Singer Achim Hopf joined in immediately convinced by the material’s potential.


During the next two months Achim and Oliver worked out lyrics and vocal arrangements. Between Dec. 2011 and Feb. 2012 the band finished the recordings for FERROMANIC's debut album and least handing it over to sound engineer Rudy Kronenberger at Crownhyll-Music for final mixing.


FERROMANIC’s first album PRECESSION became available in June 2012 for worldwide download. A first hardcover-edition was released in August 2012 up for private sale on the band’s website Currently Oliver and Achim have completed working on successor album SILENT JOURNEY which is released now in 2017.


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